The Cameo Players The Cameo Players The Cameo Players  present dynamic,  sophisticated theatre.  from classic productions  to themed soirées, The Detectives
The Cameo Players were formed in 2003 by Lindsay Lloyd.  Having been involved in soirées for several years at Hylands House she decided to take the next step by starting her own company, thereby enabling her to produce her own material.  Along with like-minded and supportive friends (Patricia and Cliff Lee, Ken Rolf, John Richardson and Paul Randall) the Cameo Players first appearance was a Christmas soirée performed in December 2003.  Since that date the Cameo Players have been performing sell out Christmas soirées and have established a reputation for entertaining, informative and fun-filled evenings.   The Christmas soirée has a different emphasis each year and has featured different aspects of Christmas for example:  Victorian, Edwardian and Medieval Christmases, Christmas Traditions, Christmas Past and Present and A Dickens of a Christmas! The Cameo Players do not confine their soirées to Christmas alone and they have performed  a variety of successful and acclaimed themed evenings. Reviews Picture Gallery Cast Members The Future Costumes