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Jesse Powis Jesse joined The Cameo Players in 2011 playing Frith the butler in Rebecca.  He first appeared on stage in 2006 in The Anniversary playing a cross dressing knicker thief with the Theatre at Baddow.  He has since appeared in numerous productions with the Chelmsford Theatre Workshop including The Crucible, as deputy governor Danforth, the prince in Romeo & Juliet, and an irate secret agent in Look No Hands. He has also appeared in a number of Sherlock Holmes radio plays with the Old Court Radio Theatre Company, most recently in The Long Man as a deranged detective accused of murder.  He has just finished filming An Edwardian Priest playing Father Thomas Byles the priest who drowned on the RMS Titanic. His most recent stage performance was as Arthur in The Day After the Fair with Theatre at Baddow. Reviews Picture Gallery Cast Members The Future Costumes