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Robert Bastian  Trained in both musical and dramatic theatre, he has enjoyed a varied career including touring the world as a solo cabaret artiste. Training included E15 acting school, The Actor’s Institute, voice Marc Meylan and Dame Shirley Bassey’s vocal coach, Helena Schenel.   West End credits include solo performances at the London Palladium, Her Majesty’s Theatre Drury Lane, and The Talk of the Town, described by ‘The Stage and TV Today’ newspaper as ‘one of the biggest personalities and best voices around’ he has been most fortunate to receive many critical accolades.   His performance as Tom/Narrator in ‘The Glass Menagerie’ was described as ‘Theatrical perfection’ by Mary Redman of the Stage. He is deeply attached to ‘The Cameo Players’ and has enjoyed to the fullest being part of many of their critically acclaimed productions. Reviews Picture Gallery Cast Members The Future Costumes