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The Lonely Planet’s Guide to Christmas Reviews Picture Gallery Cast Members The Future Costumes The show is a journey looking at the different ways Christmas is celebrated across the world,the show starts with the Cameos as flight attendants, its first class all the way. Rarely have I sat through an event which has been so entertaining, funny and educational at the same time. The show, which was devised by Lindsay Lloyd (who also performs and is a particularly dashing Robin Hood), is a triumph of her research and hard work. I particularly liked the Just William sketch, with Robert Bastian, Jesse Powis and Cyril Bagshaw. Lindsay, Sara Thompson, Vicky Tropman and the boys made the show fun, moving from characters and narration seamlessly giving the show a real punchy feel.  Doublet provided the musical interludes through out the performance, that’s Kate Knight (Flute + Vocals) and Roy Sach (Guitar + Vocals) and played a varied selection of Christmas songs and were excellent. The evening’s entertainment however was not without incident, the slightly fluffed start with the opening number hardly noticed, but the incident with the music stand at the beginning of act two (a slight nudge and music on the floor) could have been a disaster. However, the players turned this into an opportunity for a laugh, Robert Bastian complaining that this was a plot to ruin his entrance for act two! If it hadn’t been so spontaneous, I’d advise them to keep it in the show! The finale, a pantomime of Robin Hood in Lower Loxley is inspired. Written by Kate Knight, loved it. Full of the appropriate booing and hissing for the Sheriff of Nottingham, and cheering for Robin Hood, just as it should be. Oh yes I almost forgot the Buffet in the interval, not only an entertainment but nibbles as well very nice. So my only question is when is the next Cameo Players event?