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I always enjoy a visit to Hylands House for an evening’s entertainment. It is a beautiful setting for a show. For a Bond themed evening celebrating 50 years of films, with a Fun Casino laid on for the interval, it couldn’t be better. ... I’ve seen the Cameo Players twice before and I’ve been impressed with the professionalism they bring to their projects. This evening was no exception it was full of facts about Ian Fleming the creator and the Bond movies. I can’t imagine how much time was spent in the research for this show. It is always difficult to single out a specific performer, as the whole only works if everyone is up to scratch, and although the evening was not word perfect, the performances were first class.. The Cameos have (a not so) secret weapon in Robert Bastian and as the various Bond Villains (loved Blofeld and especially the toy cat); he was perfectly over the top. Lindsay Lloyd (M) deserves a mention for allowing us to hear her wonderful impression of Margaret Thatcher, so perfect, so funny. A special mention for Cyril Bagshaw as Q, who captured the essence of that portrayal spot on, and Q was always an essential part of the movies for me. Vicky Tropman and Leanne Johnson played Miss Moneypenny and Diana: (The Gorgeous Bond Girl). The entertainment is narrated by all the players, with the narrator breaking into character as and when necessary.
Vicky was perfect as Moneypenny and Leanne, just stunning on all counts! Kenton Church, had the difficult role of James Bond, and was literally a man for all seasons, a role he performed with some aplomb. The evening managed to race through all the films and all the Bond actors, capturing many of the memorable moments from the films, while providing information on Ian Fleming and his life in the Secret Service and how that shaped the Bond genre. The evening ended on a play-let, “You Only Sneeze Twice”, very funny and full of awful puns based on the Bond Film titles. Written by Kate Knight, very clever stuff. I must also mention the Sound Man (Curtiss Allen) for providing the requisite bangs, car noises and music, on que (no pun intended). Great evening, great fun and great entertainment, the only shame was the Cameos deserved a much bigger audience, maybe it was timing being Jubilee Week, but it was a shame. P.S. Great Ice Cream, too!
‘Shaken Not Stirred’ The Cameo Players.8th June 2012 Devised by Lindsay Lloyd.
Geoff McLaughlin
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