The Cameo Players
Shakespeare’s Daughter meets the Vicar
What a really thought provoking play - bravo! You must be pleased and proud to see the beautiful presentation.
Very very well done - we both really enjoyed our evening at the Headgate! It was fascinating and original - and delightful; having different bits of our knowledge teased together into a new way of looking at history . . . and people in history. I’m sure you’re feeling very pleased with the production and Vicky Tropman was so convincing.
Couldn’t take my eyes off Judith. She was acting the part the whole time, in every move and gesture.
Thanks so much for a very enjoyable evening. Great writing and acting and I enjoyed all the details and connections that you made with the play. Vicky really inhabited the role and Mr Ward was a great foil to her character.
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The play was wonderful, a good mix of entertainment and information. The Judith actress managed to be serious and ironic in turns. Setting was perfect. I came away happy and educated. Congratulations to all participants!
A really thought provoking play. Talked about it the whole of the next day with my friend.
Bravo bravo! a fantastic and enlightening evening.